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Truscaonline is a secure platform for storing business documents and files

Trusca Business Solutions Ltd was established in 2010 to bring file sharing and file storage options for businesses across all sectors in recognition of the security of cloud storage for business.

The management team have a strong track record of over 20 years in the records management industry in the UK.  Trusca developed Truscaonline due to the increased demand for a secure, simple file sharing solution for businesses primarily in the SME sector.  With offices in the UK and Ireland we are committed to providing solutions for our customers to meet their requirements through support and by delivering bespoke packages.  By engaging with our customers we realise that standard package offerings do not match the needs of most businesses, therefore we specialise in tailoring a package to suit individual client requirements from short term projects to content management of all thier files.  The advantage is the client has administration over the content and therefore controls who has access and the levels of access.

What is cloud storage

Cloud storage is storing files off-site in dedicated servers provided by storage providers companies, such as Truscaonline. There are many storage providers in the market place offering packages for individuals to manage personal data, such as photos, documents, videos, games, etc.  While others offer solutions to business owners.  A business package will not always meet the requirements for individual users whilst at the same time individual packages will not suit businesses where there is a requirement for more that one user.

Cloud storage considerations

As mentioned above it is important to consider the reasons you want cloud storage before signing up with a provider.  However there are a number of considerations common to all;

  • Security of data centres

Truscaonline allows you to manage your business documents and files to one place online enabling file sharing with your staff and stakeholders 24/7.  You decide who accesses which files on an individual or group basis together with levels of access. Truscaonline is a secure platform for storing business documents and files without having to manage the infrastructure that goes with it thus eliminating the cost of such infrastructure.

Mission Statement

Our promise to our customers is to take your requirements and find the right solution to drive efficiencies for your business.  We are committed to providing complete customer satisfaction through the provision of a high-quality service.

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