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Why Cloud Storage for Business

Truscaonline is designed for businesses who require a secure low cost alternative to

  On-site server requirements, or

  Elaborate cloud synchronisation options for larger enterprises

While at the same time benefiting from 24/7 access from anywhere in a secure environment.

Not all businesses require the complexity of file collaboration or  file synchronisation solutions which have been designed for organisations with 1,000’s of employees. Some businesses require a simple secure files sharing and storage solution utilising cloud storage. Truscaonline is a simple business solution with no hidden extra costs.  We enable your company to store and share files in a secure environment utilising cloud technology.  There is no download or capital investment. Just sign up and pay as you go.

Avail of Free Trial

To try our service for FREE avail of our Free Trial – just sign up with no obligation to enter credit card details up front.

Functionality of Business Plan

Users Unlimited

You may set up required number of users and add or delete as people enter or leave your organisation

Profiles Unlimited

Create as many document profiles you require.  Giving you scope to assign permissions to users individually or group/role basis to access the various tools within the system, ranging from deny access to fully manage.

Bulk Uploads and Downloads

Files or documents can be uploaded / downloaded individually or in bulk.

Personalise with your Company Logo

Upload your Company Logo once, to appear on each screen within Truscaonline to further enhance your professional image.

Self-Administration and Management

For complete confidentiality of your information Truscaonline enables you to fully manage the system with no third party involvement.

Secure file transfer

256-bit encryption of data between Truscaonline and your browser ensures your confidential data cannot be intercepted during transfer (upload or download).

Unique user passwords

As users are added they will each receive secure password to their respective email address. At initial log on it is recommended to change the password to one of their choosing.

Secure password reset

Password reset can be requested at any time, for any reason, by any user by making a simple request within the system.

Set-up immediate

Click Sign up, enter company details and start to use the system immediately, no requirement for credit card details required at set-up.

Document Comments

Write notes or comments for others to view and share in respect of individual files.  Users name, time and date are automatically recorded with the comment for future reference.

Dropbox / Watched Folder


Files can be transferred automatically into Truscaonline from a Dropbox or watched folder. Use it folder as the destination folder from your document scanner or save your email attachments to this folder and they will automatically transfer to your account in Truscaonline.

Full Text Search

Find files quickly with Truscaonline by using full text search which enables searching for files based on content.

Users Permissions

Manage who has access to which files and Truscaonline functions by assigning individual permissions.

User Grouping

Create groups and assign access permissions based on existing departments, personnel role, project teams, etc.

Email files directly

Send a file by email directly from Truscaonline without the necessity to down load and attach from your own email.  The populated message will identify the sender and the company name.

Full Version Control

Document version control enables the user to download a document for editing purposes and display the edited document together with previous versions.  This ensures all users are up to date on the latest version of a file and can track the history of the file as previous versions are also visible for reference.

File Upload from Context Menu

Transfer and upload a file to Truscaonline by selecting the file in windows explorer, with a simple right-click of the mouse in the context menu the file is transferred.

Remote File Management

Remote file management enables the movement of files from one profile to another without the necessity to start over.

Share with Links

A public link enables you to share a file by creation of a direct web link. The link can be sent in an email for sharing.

Remote Scanning

Scan directly from Truscaonline desk top application.


View reports within Truscaonline for the company, individuals, groups and profile usage by time interval or actual usage.

FTP alternative

Transfer files into Truscaonline for others to view or download and eliminate the need to have separate File Transfer Protocol (FTP) services.

Details of Pricing

Click here for details of Business Plan Prices

Cost savings and benefits

Cost savings with Truscaonline

Storing on local area network is expensive to purchase, has a limited life span, requires backup and recovery systems, have a physical presence requiring specific environmental conditions, require personnel to manage, and consume considerable amounts of energy to power and cool.

Truscaonline provides an alternative with a fixed monthly fee, requires no capital investment, no installation requirement, no replacing, has backup and recovery systems, no physical presence, no personnel to maintain and no high energy costs for power and cooling.  All at a cost saving to your business.

Benefits of Truscaonline to your business

Fixed monthly fee therefore no capital investment, no installation, no replacing, has backup and recovery systems, no physical presence, no personnel to maintain and no high energy costs for power and cooling.  Benefits are not just confined to cost savings .

One central location

Easy access via individual log in to access files eliminating insecure portable storage devices and the risk of losing data; or your confidential devices and data falling into the wrong hands.

24/7 Access from anywhere

You and your staff have 24/7 access to files while mobile or working from home or from other locations with internet access therefore eliminating bulky FTP or emailing files.

Self-managed system

No third party involvement means you control who has access to your confidential information thus compliance with Data Protection Act.

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