How it Works

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How to avail of online backup or cloud storage

1. Online Backup


  • Secure you data off-site
  • Recovery at the click of a button.

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2. File sharing and storage

  • Select the Personal or Business plan (brings you to Truscaonline)
  • Enter the required details
  • Receive your unique password by email. Each person will receive a password and will be able to change it to one of their choosing once logged on.
  • A new password they can be requested at any time.
  • For business considering the Enterprise plan please contact us.




Truscaonline is self-managed and administered. Persons with appropriate permissions can

  • Edit the company details
  • Upload the company logo,
  • Manage users accounts,
  • Manage document profiles,
  • View and download logs and reports.



Set-up Document Profiles

All files are stored in Document Profiles. Access to each of these profiles can be allocated on a person by person basis, or group basis if preferred. When creating a profile you have the option to create your own retrieval fields, or attributes, by text, numbers, integers and dates.





Create Users and Permissions

Each person is allocated their own access permissions for each document profile. These permissions can be allocated on an individual or by group basis. The permissions choice includes – denied, read, write and manage. To ensure your security all new persons added will automatically be denied access to all profiles and tools, which enables you to decide on the appropriate permissions.



Transfer Files and Upload files

Files can be transferred to client storage using several methods.  When logged in to Truscaonline

  • Upload using the traditional browse and transfer method,
  • “right click” on the file in windows explorer send it into Truscaonline
  • A dropbox / watched folder can be used to automatically transfer files.
  • When the files are transferred they can be uploaded into the appropriate document profile by use of manual indexing or a csv file to populate the required retrieval information.



Retrieve and View Files and Records with Truscaonline

Within each document profile an individual or multiple files can be retrieved easily

  • the information previously entered at upload
  • information relating to the file and the date it was uploaded
  • using the full text search function

A report showing the file or number of files will then be visible and the person can select the required file. This report can be sorted by any field and the files can be viewed, emailed directly (without the need to use your own email account), downloaded or a comment made against it for other persons to view.

Other Functions

Some of the other functions include

    • file check-in and check-out with version numbering
    • document scanning direct into Truscaonline via a desktop application
    • support

Help function

Truscaonline provide a step by step guide in respect of the full functionality of the system. The guide is made available to users on every page by simply clicking to open Help.

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