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Posted on: March 26th, 2013 by Trusca

Computers have become the main source of recreational, educational and work processes with a heavy reliance on data. We chat with friends, complete assignments, play games, calendar appointments, shop and organise customer records.  Computers breakdown, fact! When this happens at home it is devastaing. I know, I lost the family photos from a corrupt harddrive some years ago and had no backup in place.  However when it happens in the business world companies face setbacks in time and money. In some instances companies cannot withstand data loss. Ulster Bank clients remember only too well the inconvenience caused by downtime in June 2012 and how slow they were to get back up and running…no business wants downtime for any reason.

Data losses can be caused by human error when we accidentally delete a file, especially in the age of syncronisation with mobile devices across many users, the file is deleted and can go unnoticed for long periods.  Other areas are software corruption, electical surge, fire, theft, flood, accidental spillage or a system crash.  Most of us insure against the loss of hardware in the event of a complete loss. Data recovery costs may not be covered, certainly loss of reputation or business interruption is less likely to be covered.

  • Costly downtime for sales and marketing
  • Restoration of customer databases leads to reduced customer service
  • Loss of financial data leads to loss of contracts and stock value

Data Recovery

When opting for solutions to protect our data most of us opt for local backup system  such as tapes, discs and inhouse servers. Do we consider the reliability of such devices? The costs involved in operating servers? How dependable are they? They too can crash or wear out and companies are recommended to employ a data recovery specialist to prevent further loss.

We are aware of the basic rules relating to file back up

  • Back-up files regularly
  • Make two or even three back-ups of all your files
  • Keep one backup in a different location form the others
  • Check regularly to ensure back-up is being captured

How reliable is your data recovery?

Some facts about local data back-up systems

  • Most backup servers are running on 50% capacity – inefficiencies
  • Servers require on-going maintenance – a cost
  • Servers incur 24/7 energy costs for running and cooling – a cost
  • Servers and discs fail resulting in recovery failure and business downtime – a cost

Some facts about Online Backup

  • Scalable as you pay per GB of data which has been compressed – a saving
  • Maintenance costs incurred by provider – a saving
  • Provider bears the energy costs – a saving
  • Recovery at the touch of a button – a saving

The facts about Trusca secure Online services

Services include Online Backup, file management, restoration and sharing.

  • Online Backup – priced on a per GB basis
  • Truscaonline file storage with file sharing – priced on a per user basis
  • Or combine both – for clients with large volumes of data

Organisations who have an obligation to retain large volumes of data opt to combine both services for a more cost effective solution;

  • Utilise Online Backup for current files – reducing GB capacity further
  • Utilise Truscaonline for historic files – fewer users required

Get backup and recover at the touch of a button. Avail of a scalable affordable solution for your business.

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