Small businesses at risk from data theft

Posted on: March 27th, 2013 by Trusca

We all know the value of a good antivirus application in giving protection from any bad guys stealing your passwords or deleting all your files. But there are other dangers facing your files and data. The accidental spillage, flood or crash to the hard drive (discs and servers ware out or crash too) which cannot be helped by an antivirus.

Key findings from recent research by the Ponemon Institute Research Centre (data protection and other areas of data privacy), indicate that data breaches are on the increase and organisations are unprepared to detect or resolve them. Such breaches may go unresolved for months. Breaches resulting from employee negligence or malicious attempts to siphon data from the business for personal gain. Data theft investigators and security consultants said “incidents had increased since the global economic downturn with an average spend of $US2.27million in 2012 by Australian businesses dealing with these breaches” Financial Review.

Security at TruscaonlineWhile larger firms rely on the courts for breach of contract by employees, smaller businesses said they could not afford the costs. Small businesses could have a hard time proving theft of data. However it is important to note that data loss may result in penalties for a business. Employees think that there is no law preventing it which of course is not the case. The Data Protection Act 1988-2003 (Ireland) and Data Protection Act 1998 (UK) clearly define the responsibility pertaining to data controllers (employers, business/data owners) and data processors (owners and employees).

Data protection solutions

Emailing sensitive data is insecure as are small storage devices. Remembering to backup to local drives daily or even weekly is often forgotten and at the same time you are wasting a lot of time copying files that haven’t changed.

Online backup

Online backup has the advantage of having a built in solution to schedule backup automatically. Only backing up changes to files rather than the whole file, while at the same time compressing and encrypting the data securely. With local backup there is also the possibility of local disaster, if your computer goes on fire there is increased risk to wiping out the backup data as well.

Online content management system

Another method of protecting your data is to store it in an online content management system where you can monitor and more importantly control who has access to which files, when they accessed it and any actions undertaken.


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