Online Backup

Protect your business with Online more dependancy on discs or tapes.

Data recovery

Data restore from tape often fails….fact. Too many uncontrollable variables can cause these failures such as over heating, humidity, magnetic interference or human error. Additionally tapes are often lost, stolen or damaged as they are physically delicate. Sometimes they may even be forgotten therefore backup does not take place. Assuming everything is uptodate with tapes it can still require a wait (hours or days maybe) to get your data back.

Online backup for business is a better way …

Fully protect your business and your data with an automated, encrypted and secure online backup service.

Without exception, our customers are enjoying peace of mind that their business is protected and recoverable and no longer have to worry about the typical challenges of backup and recovery:

  • Keeping pace with the exorbitant rate of data growth
  • Over running backups, backups running in to the working day
  • How to reducebackup and recovery times
  • Reliability of backups – hardware failure, tape errors or unchanged tapes
  • Spiralling cost of ownership – hardware costs, software costs and management time
  • Remote sites not adequately protected
  • Management burden – daily troubleshooting and monitoring success and failure reports
  • Managing the protection of both physical and increasing, virtual server environments
  • Lack of a disaster recovery plan or process

Protecting your business data to the cloud is easy, proven and reliable. Our online backup service can protect any environment from single servers to large complex enterprise environments.

Why choose online backup

Reduced Costs

  • Pay for what you use
  • Scales up and down according to need
  • No investment in storage and backup equipment
  • No tape, tape management or off-site storage costs
  • Free up staff time to focus on other value add IT services
  • Save money online backup is usually cheaper than tape


  • Reliable backups with minimum management
  • Restore at the touch of a button
  • Supports all operating systems and business applications such as MS-SQL and MS-Exchange


  • Two copies of data are stored off-site in highly secure UK data centres
  • Maximum data availability and data security
  • Strong encryption protects the confidentiality of customer data before being sent off-site
  • Data retention to comply with internal policy and industry regulation

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Further cost reduction solutions

Today more than ever before businesses are obliged to retain copies of files and documents for longer periods. Trusca can offer you a combined solution of storing older documents with Truscaonline and Back Up for current files.  This combination can be very cost effective and is worth contacting us for a quotation for a best fit solution for your  business.

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