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No hidden costs, just one single fee each month for your complete file storage solution


Pricing Schedule Business Plan

Avail of discounted rates of multiples of 3 users for the price of 2 paid quarterly or annually. Keen annual prices.

Business Plan Prices

Uk Prices Excl Vat

Eurozone Prices Excl Vat

Price per month start from ** £5.79 6.77
Monthly charge for a single user £10.42 €12.20
Annual discounted charge for a single user – Charged Annually £104.20 €122.00
Monthly charge for 3 users £20.83 €24.39
Annual discounted charge for 3 users – Charged Annually £208.33 €243.90
** Monthly equivalent per user of the annual discounted price £5.79 €6.77






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Web Storage Limit 5GB 50GB Per User Unlimited
File Size Limit 25MB 2GB Unlimited
Number of Users 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Profiles 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Bulk Uploads
Bulk Downloads
Personalise with your Company Logo
Self-Administration / Management
Secure file transfer
Secure password reset
Unique user passwords
Set-up immediate
Document Comments
Dropbox / Watched Folder
Full Text Search
Users Permissions
User Grouping
Email files directly
Full Version Control
File Upload from Context Menu
Remote File Management
Public Profile Links
Remote Scanning
FTP alternative
Optional Dedicates Server/Licence
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Bespoke package

Contact us with your requirements and we will tailor a package and price to meet your needs. Email to with the following details or request a call back to discuss your options.

1. Reason you require file sharing or file storage

  • long or short term projects
  • complete file storage
  • selected files for sharing
  • as a client portal
  • or any other

2. Number of users whether many or few

  • you may have few users with lots of files
  • you may have many users with few files
  • or other combinations

3. Largest file size if your business requires to use files in excess of 2GB

4. Or perhaps you want to price the option of availing of a Truscaonline licence

  • on a server in your own facilities
  • or a dedicated server in our selected data centre.

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