Reasons to use Truscaonline

Reduce business costs with Truscaonline a cloud storage and file sharing solution


Cost savings

With the present economic climate business owners are looking for ways to cut costs and increase time spent on the important task of increasing their revenue. Our experience tells us that efficient file management in one central location not only results in the effective use of time but can also alleviate budget constraints.
Avail of valuable cost savings for your business when using Truscaonline. Intrinsic and extrinsic savings gained through

Reduced IT overheads

Access can be gained to Truscaonline from any location 24/7 without the necessity for any system downloads or set-up thus reducing the IT departments overheads.

Reduced data on portable storage devices

Truscaonline eliminates the need for staff to carry data on their portable devices, thus decreasing the risk to loss of vital or secure data through theft or damage.

Reduced purchase requirement of additional servers

Using Truscaonline as a service reduces the requirement to purchase servers or any software licences up front. All payments are made on an on-going basis.

Reduced energy costs

It is estimated that the average organisation uses 50% of their storage capacity and are subsequently paying on-going maintenance, housing and energy costs for empty server space. Truscaonline as a service carries this cost of maintenance and you pay for what you need.

Cloud storage is scalable

Organisations only pay for the number of users they require and can increase or decrease that usage thus controlling their costs with no under or over investment issues.

Budget control and planning

By using Truscaonline service organisations will be able to accurately predict their usage and therefore will be confident of their budget requirements.

No Capital Expenditure

Truscaonline as a service is deemed as an operating expense rather than a capital expense reducing the timescale of an organisations decision making.

Short term projects

Additional users can easily and quickly be added for one off short-term projects with no subsequent redundant equipment when the project ends.

Increased Staff Focus

Many small businesses have no specific IT department or manager and the responsibility is designated to a senior member of staff. Truscaonline is designed for the purpose to assist business people to concentrate on their core activities by reducing their IT burden.

Reduce time spent on equipment sourcing

ruscaonline can be set-up and later expanded for additional usage or bespoke requirements. There is no equipment sourcing requirements with the subsequent delivery timelines or data migration issues when expanding the service.

Prevent loss of valuable information

Truscaonline value your important information. Most of us put measures in place to prevent loss of our valuable assets and property. Your information is a valuable asset of your business. Through management of your files with Truscaonline you are reducing the risk of the loss of data and significantly reducing the cost of business interruption should one of the following losses occur.

  • Loss or damage to portable storage devices
  • Fire or theft of laptops, PC’s, storage devices or business premises
  • Accidental damage to such devices
  • Sudden or unforeseen damage caused by riot or civil commotion

The estimated time to retrieve lost data from damaged hardware can range from several weeks to several months, if at all, at an additional cost to your company’s finances and reputation.

Centralise your important information

By having all your important information in one central location with Truscaonline you are not only availing of secure storage but also allowing your people to access and share the information in real time. Access is 24/7 from anywhere for the staff or persons you need to view, edit, upload or share files with.

With increasing regulation businesses are required to retain documents for longer periods. Such documents whether issued electronically or in paper format can be uploaded directly to Truscaonline making them available at any given time to you or for you to share with your associates as you require.

Truscaonline not only allows businesses to manage their information, it enables you to protect your files and your client’s confidential data while enabling your people to

  • Access 24/7 from anywhere
  • View, edit and manage files from anywhere
  • Share files privately, or publicly if required
  • Organise you information in profiles
  • Select access rights – who sees what in line with your functional business needs
  • Group your user access – departmentally, role based, or project teams for example
  • Employees can view up-to-date file versions and colleagues comments whilst on the go
  • Email files directly – without the need to use your own email account
  • Monitor usage through report facility
  • Provides protection of your clients confidential information

Why use cloud storage for business?

See more on when and why business opt for online file storage and file sharing

Many online storage providers are designed on one level for backup only, while others include Business workflow systems and CRM, Truscaonline on the other hand enables you to store and share online in an organised file content management system.  Giving you access to files in a  safe, secure and organised manner.

While we cater businesses of all sizes, it is not the size of the organisation that is important, it is about finding the right fit for the organisation.

Storing your business files online line is about finding the right product, enormous trust in the provider, it can be a long term commitment and therefore essential to have good relationships between the customer and provider. Trusca offers a locally supported service. This is a key area where we are different to most other providers – we have a human element, not just another online enterprise.

Some organisations may require Filesonline operational from their own server. Contact us to to discuss options and pricing.

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