End users buying habits have shifted toward the cloud...share in this opportunity through Truscaonline


Reseller Opportunity with Truscaonline

Businesses are seeking measures to gain effectiveness through cost reductions and re-evaluations in work practices.  A centralised file sharing and storage solution with Truscaonline can drive efficiencies through cost effectiveness for organisations. With our reseller program a reseller can offer the opportunity to provide Truscaonline as an added service, while maintaining commercial relationships with their client and by becoming Cloud Consultants.

As a commitment to your success as a Truscaonline Reseller, we will provide training and support in cloud consultancy.

If you are a business or technology consultant, or involved in the IT supply chain, or IT repair services, or a Value Added Reseller, and would like more information on our Reseller Program we look forward to hearing from you.

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Reseller benefits

Client benefits

Increase your service portfolio File share and store in one central location
Reseller maintains commercial relationship with client and users 24/7 access from anywhere
No physical software supply or installation to manage Full client administration of users and access rights
Sales training and support provided Quick and easy to set-up and use
Report service by Trusca, reduces invoice administration Added value cost savings
No requirement for technical set-up Security
Reseller can combine Truscaonline as part of other services offered DVR Online


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