Secure data centres

Avail of a safe secure storage facility for your valuable documents and information with Truscaonline.

Security at Truscaonline

Safeguard your records on our servers in secure modern co-location facilities, providing vital security, avoiding possible risks and unsolicited exposure to your company.

Peace of mind

Self-Administration / Management

For complete confidentiality of your information Truscaonline enables you to fully manage /control your account with no third party involvement or access to your data.

Secure file transfer

256-bit encryption of data between Truscaonline and your browser ensures your confidential data cannot be intercepted during transfer (upload or download).

Unique user password

When you sign up you will receive a secure password to your email address. We recommended that you change this password to one of your own choice when you first log on.

Secure password reset

Password reset can be requested at any time, for any reason, by making a simple request within the system.

Data centre security and facilities incorporate;

  • Trusca Business Solutions owned dedicated servers in locked racks
  • Biometric iris-scan man-trap to gain access to data floor area
  • On-site human security presence 24/7
  • Proximity access locks on all external and internal doors
  • Interlocked man-traps on front entrance and goods in area
  • Perimeter fence with rota spikes, anti-ram raid barriers, blast-proof windows and steel security doors
  • External and internal digital IP ICCTV system with digitally controlled motion sensors and flood lighting
  • Diverse utility power feeds
  • Climate control
  • Generator backup including continuous operation and online fuel replenishment
  • Operating dual communications entry points
  • North and south fibre ducting into dedicated communication points at opposite ends of the building
  • Dedicated mechanical and engineering corridors ensure that critical facility equipment is housed away from the data floor
  • VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) and FM200 fire suppression is standard throughout
  • is an SSL Certified site with similar automatic data transfer encryption used for secure online payment processing
  • Latest firewall protection and monitoring
  • Behind the firewall the data is further automatically encrypted on the drives
  • Users assigned access rights by the client preventing unauthorised internal access
  • Complete audit trail of all user activities, log-ins, searching, uploads etc.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly back up procedures ensure that we can recover any data accidently purged by our clients
  • Constant monitoring and ethical hacking attempts by us will ensure the passwords chosen by users are adequate and secure
  • A client by client do not archive functionality allows the complete removal of files from entire system, including backup files and system data base

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